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> Dubai : My paradise <
Published on 7/27/2008 By Henri Fabre
I know very well Dubai for over 13 years and I found heaven on earth, a world of luxury and palaces, the paradise of gold and jewellery.

Scenery insured for a week of relaxing on the beautiful beaches along the luxurious palaces which I recommend, and especially the Arabian Court of the Hotel Royal Mirage

An unreal world full of surprises, but a world where prevailing security, welfare and special attention given by philippain or Pakistani palaces staff.

The 'Palme d'or' goes to these modern-day pharaohs, Al Maktoum family, sheikhs who have more than money, taste and especially the intelligence to know what is right, I have for them a deep admiration.

I love this country, I love people, I love the contrast of the city and its souks, laughter and commerce mingle with sounds of haggling, this luxury and these unreal landscapes that surprise us each year after year.

Dubai is more than that, We love it or we hate it, but that's how it is with great characters.
For me I love, I love and I do what I can for many years to be the best ambassador of this country that I carry in my heart

Henri Fabre.
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dubai is like queen necklace
By shreeja Pillai Talekar, Date: 3/18/2011
I never been to dubai but i hv only seen in TV and in internet its really nice to see dubai, very good country, peaceful and neat and clean. I thank the government of Dubai, Since i'am working in India
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