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Published on 8/28/2008 By Anshul Mahajan
Dear Editor,

Millions of people across US/ UK/ India. and the world are suffering from Hair Loss. I am one of them. Despite knowing the fact that there is not medicine which can cure this, I have been taking various expensive treatments.

The latest treatment I took was an advice from a Hair Loss clinic in London. They advised me to go for propecia, which is currently only pill to treat male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), for use in men only, which is approved by FDA, USA. I tried to search the medicine online and ordered a check generic (as the patent no longer holds) drug online. The medicine I received was called FINOTOP 1, which to my surprise was manufactured in India, and was costing Rs. 39 per 10 tablets. The packet says it is manufactured by India swift Limited, Chandigarh. I could not find any information, whatsoever on internet about the drug. Even the company website also does not talk about it.

If no one knows what it is, I don’t know how is it sold in international market? How can a medicine with MRP Rs. 39 be sold outside India at a high price? Most important, if it does not work, what is the content? Is it safe?

I am really in search for all my answers. I have written to the online company who sold me, they did not respond. All I know is that I have got at least 5 months supply of medicine with me and I do not know weather it is safe or not. I can supply more information, if required.

Thanks for your time
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