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> Kairouan, Tunisia <
Published on 1/23/2007 By Xcess
Infos About : Tunisia Tunis Sousse Sfax Hammamet Djerba Mahdia
  Sidi Bou Said Port el Kantaoui Monastir Kairouan Tozeur Bizert Matmata
Informations :
the city of kairouan in the map of tunisia
 It is in the center area, inside the country, 160 km in the south of the
Capital Tunis and 67 km in the south-west of Sousse. Population
estimated in 1991 surrounding 85 000 Inhabitants.
  Kairouan  is  the spiritual  capital of  Tunisia,  it is
the 4th Holy City of Islam aprés Mècque, Médine
and el Qods (with jerusalem)., founded into 671
by the emir Okba ibn Nafaa, since Kairouan
became the capital of Ifriqiyya then that of the
dynasty of Aghlabides in IXe century.
Forsaken under the dynasty fatimide, the city
found its role of capital with the caliphate Al-
Mansour , in the Xth century. Destroyed into 1057.
the Great Mosque In the City of Kairouan  in Tunisia
 Kairouan was raised again in XVIIe century by Husseïnites.
Then in 1881, and as all Tunisia the city was occupied by the French and released in 1959,
to become a city of the Tunisian republic.
the Basin Of The Aghlabites In the City of Kairouan  in Tunisia
Monuments And Touristic Attractions
the Old Mosque In the City of Kairouan  in Tunisia
- The Great Mosque of Kairouan ' Jemaa OQBA '
- The Mosque du barbier
- The Mosque Of The Three Gates
- The Basin of The Aghlabites
- The Médina (The Old City)
Artisanal Work in Kairouan is a very popular profession,
even an art inherited wire father.Kairoun is known by
it's traditional tapestry of the high quality, and by its
traditional cakes (Makrouds..)
a traditional arabic tapestry from Kairouan  city in Tunisia
Addresses And Useful Informations :
- Regional Office Of Tourism :  Place Basin of Aghlabites 3100 Kairouan (Phone : (+216-77) 231 897)
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By rodica nedelciu, Date: 10/28/2009
i love tunisia i very beautifful i want to come there and kive there but i can't because i don't know anybody there.i really like , a love tunisia !
i need information about religion! i love people that live in tunisia !
By maillot ol 2014, Date: 8/11/2014
I love it when individuals get together and share thoughts. Great blog, keep it up!
maillot ol 2014
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