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Published on 5/31/2007 By Houda Mansour

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Best Sahara Tours

Arkno Tours
Leading Tour Operator.
Tripoli, 218 21 4441452 - 4442010 / Mobile: 218 91 2140262

Tour Libya

Afssor Tour

Desert team from Libya; give you invitation for travel to Libya to discover the magic of Libya
Tripoli, 00218 21 480 20 71
Organizes trips to discover libyan desert

Adonis Travel & Tourism
The one of the leading travel & tourism agencies in Libya

Wild Frontiers
The one of the bright new kids in the adventure travel playpen

Belgian Air Travel

Azjar Tourism
Archaeological and desert tours in Libya
Sebha, +218913202049 Fax+21871635368
In desert and coastal tours

Alawy Tours Company
Sebha, 218 71 632211 Fax: 218 71 632244
Is based in Sebha, in the heart of Southern Libya

Winzrik Group
Tour Operators / Tour Packages and Hotel reservations. SAHARA EXPATES. 4X4 SAHARA ADVENTURE
Tripoli, 00218 21 3611123 / 00218 21 3611124 / 25 Fax: 00218 21 3611126 / 3338364
Was one of the first starters in the field of tourism in Libya

Simoon Travel
Specialist travel company devoted to the exploration and culture of this fascinating and diverse country.

Juddaim Tourism Service
Tripoli, 218 21 477- 8320 / Fax: 218 21 477-8321

Sukra Travel
Is one of the leading, reliable and experienced Travel and Tourism agencies in Libya

Shati Zuara Tours
Shati Zuara Tours offers several package tours to Libya
Zwara, 00218 91 322 2418 00218 25 224606
A Libyan Sharing Company

Cyrene Tours and Alhanove Travel

Tour Packages \ Tour Operators \ Sahara adventures and Camps
Tripoli, Tel:+218214441222 - 4441411- 3336630, Fax: +218214446267
Are two Libyan companies joined together to strengthen the quality of their both services in order to satisfy their both customers.

LTI Tours

Atlas Word Tours

Tourism services
Tripoli, +218 21 3333037, +218 21 3338006

Awsaj Travel & Tourism services
Travel & Tourism services
Tripoli, 218 21 4628068 / Fax:218 21 42624238 Call: 218 91 /2146260/ 3187986/3745599/3713075/2149992/3713074

Rose De Sable Tourism Services

Oragnize touring programs in Libya’s Archaeological and desert Sites.
Tripoli, 218 21 3335687 / 218 21 4441790 Fax: 218 21 4449372

Tripolis Travel Tourism

Travel Agency.
Tripoli, 218 21 4442323

Al Rayaheen Tourism Services Company

An ideal team of professionals to help guide assist when you make your first step in Libya.
Tripoli, 218 21 3619194 / 218 21 3619195 Fax: 218 21 3619193

Raki Tours Libya

Libyan tour operator travel agent receiving incoming tourists to visit Libyan Sahara
Tripoli, + 218 (210 478-1623 / Cell. + 218 (91) 321-2092

Safari Tourism Services

Tour Operators
Tripoli, +218 21 3337615 / +218 21 444 8931

Tilwan Tourism Services

Tourism services
Tripoli, 00218-21 4836243 mobile: 00218 912141641

Horizons Travel For Tourism & Cargo

Tourism and Travelling
Tripoli, 335-0456 / 335-0457

Sari Libya Travel and Tourism

Zwara, 218 25 24606 / 218 91 2145509 Fax: 218 25 24606

Adhan Murzuk Tourism Services

Sahara Expates. 4X4 Sahara Adventure.
Sebha, 00218-71-631231 Fax: 00218-71-631230 

United Tours

United Tours was Founded in 2000 with the belief that the Libyan world of culture with its five World Heritage sites and the amazing vista of the Sahara has a lot to offer…Our main business: Group Operator, Travel & Cruiser Agent .
Tripoli, +218 21 486 39 59

Libyan Travel and Tourism Company

Tripoli, 218 21 3503282 Fax: 218 21 3503282Ghat Tours
Tripoli, 218 21 4802834 / 218 91 2101835 Fax: 218 21 4802834

Robban Tourism Services Company

Tripoli, 218 21 4441530 / 218 21 3337189 Fax: 218 21 4448065

Sand Ruins Tours Co.

Tripoli, +218 21 340 1955 / +218 21 340 1954

Nour and Jektis Tours

Travel and Tourism
Tripoli, :00218 214771158/ Fax 00218 21 4777165 Djerba :Tel: 00216 75 652 420 Fax:00216 75 652 521

Global Travel and Tours

Tripoli, 218-21-3341695 Fax: 218-21-3341696

Waradd Company For Travel And Tourism

The only travel partner you need. We offer fantastic tours, best level of services, excellent drivers and guides, customized tours throughout Libya
Tripoli, Ph. +218213332617, F. +218213332786

Babel Company for Tourism Services

IATA Member, accredited travel agent, packages, hotel reservation, Haj and Umrah services.
Benghazi, 00218612236654/00218612221245

Zliten Travel & Tourism

Tripoli, +218 21 3611276 +218 51 615394

Wesaam Touring Services

Tour operator, hotel reservations, airline booking & ticketing, businessmen services & programs, Umrah trips, tourist groups inbound & outbound... etc.
Tripoli, 00218-21-3343719

Atar Gerza for Travel and Tourism

Tripoli, 218 21 4777807 / 218 21 4777806

Azrar Travel Tourism Services Company

Zwara, 218-25-24821/ 49-177-2886866 Fax: 49-40-360-319-8115

Exhibition & Tourism Services

Tripoli, 00218 21 3350526 ----00218 21 3350525


Travel and tourism and tour guides.
Tripoli, 00218213351238

Al Ula Tourism

We offer tourism programs to Ghadames Festival, Leptis Magna
Tripoli, +218 21 361 4708

Zahra Almadain

Tourism and Travelling
Zawia, 091-2184793 / 622984

Fezzan Tours

Tourism services
Tripoli, +218 21 33 39815

Al Waha El Khadra

Services in travel including flights and accommodation. Also organises conferences and events.
Tripoli, 00218913723435

Afaq Tours

tikets, tours, travel agent ... etc
Misurata, +218 (51) 627711, +218 (51) 628524

Sun For Tourism

Tripoli, +218213613262

Adhan Murzuk

sahara tours 4x4 travel
Sebha, phone: 00218-71-631231 fax: 71-631230

Libtra Tours

Inbound tour operator organizing tours all over Libya.
Tripoli, +218 21 4444637 / Fax: +218 21 4445227

Asaria tours

Travel & Tours agent
Zawia, +218 23 625507

Whahat Fezzan Co.

Tours to Sahara, ancient Greek and Rome ruins. tuareg culture. campings in the south.
Tripoli, +218 21 333 3366

Tours to Libya

Want a vacation to Libya, Low price guarantee. Spend less, Travel well with us
Tripoli, +218 92 7426073

Alalama for tourism services (ats)

Tourism services
Tripoli, +218213341539/+218913784605/+218925194732/+218912113897

Alhanove Travel and Tourism

Tour Operators \ Tour Packages \ Tickets Booking\ Hotels Reservations Worldwide\ Umrah and Alhaj Services\ Car Renting
Tripoli, Tel:+218214441222 - 4441411- 3336630 Fax: +218214446267

The Green Valley Tours

The Green valley is specialized in organizing tours for individual and groups , providing , accommodation , transportation , Oragnize Archeological and desert Site tours in Libya.
Benghazi, *218-61-2239870

Travel Libya

Provides Desert Tours, Hotel reservations, Car Rental
Seol, +218 61 2101234

Ajmi Tours Agency

Tourism Agency
Tripoli, Phones: 00218 91 3732144 / 5 Fax: 00218 21 3696768

Waziet For Tourism & Travel

Tripoli, 218 21 350 6684

Numidia Travels & Tours

Our aim to introduce the richness of Libya"s Greco-Roman & islamic unique history, heritage, culture and pepole to travelers from all over the world.
Tripoli, +218 21 4445281 / +218 21 4445281 

Morejan for tourism services

Libyan tourism Service Company we are provide an extensive array of tours and excursions; cultural, classical, historical, recreational, incoming tours to libya
Tripoli, 00218,214441562

Sari Libya Travel & Tourism

We are an incoming company which provided all kind of service to our client
Tripoli, Tel: + 218 (21) 4873017 / Fax: + 218 (21) 4870457

Al Muheettours

Tourism and travel Company
Benghazi, 00218 61 9082085

Jannat Tours

Discover a cocktail of civilizations in Libya
Misurata, Tel: +218 51 624585 Fax. +218 51 624586

Sinbad Tourism Services & Investment

Travel tours to Libya Cities and Investment
Tripoli, +218 21 361 1787

Medusa Travel & Tourism Services Ltd.

Holidays - Business Travel - Event - Consulting
Zwara, +218(091)3158229 

Global Tours

Tour Operato in Lybia
Tripoli, 00218 21 3341 238

Sun House Tours

Tour operator
Tripoli, + 218 21 3340 858 /+ 218 21 3340 486

Libo Tours Ltd

Tourism and Travel
Benghazi, +218 61 909 7798 / +218 61 908 1538


Tourist services
Tripoli, +218 214444594 

Compass Travel

Tripoli, +218 (21) 3351114 / +218 (21) 3351114

Wings Travel & Tours

Wings Travel established in 1991 is an IATA member (45-2 0006) and an international active member of the American Society of Travel Agents. We employ 16 full-time staff and 6 part-timers in offices at Tripoli and Benghazi. We handle requests for groups and FIT"s with special interests. We put our emphasis on the role played by the guides on such tours. Apart form enjoying good command over several languages; yet knowledge, experience and personal presentation are prerequisites for our staff. Wi
Tripoli, Tele: +218 21-3331855 - 3341655 Fax: +218 21-3330881

Al-Bora Al-Almadi-aa

The only registered Agent in Libya for Tickets and Bookings for Emirates, KLM, Austrian, Air Malta, Kenya Airways, nwa, Air France. We also deal with Libyan Airlines, African Airlines, Buraq, Air Libya, Qatar Tunis Syria and Egypt Airlines.
Benghazi, 9091639- 9096608

Sherwes Travel

Sherwes Travel offer visa handling for Libya, hotel bookings, excursions and tour packages, cruises and car rental
Tripoli, Phone +218-21-4801370 fax +218-21-3350072 mobile +218-925201677

Germa Travel and Tourism

Tripoli, 4442592 / 3341660 4449596

Alwadi Aladeb

Specialises in desert trips, expeditions and adventures, enabling participants to experience the true and outstanding nature of the desert, whilst preserving its unspoiled beauty.
Sebha, +218-92-5144928/+218-71-634725

Olympy Travel & Tours

Olympy tours, Libya tours, travel agencies in Libya, Libya, Africa, North Africa, desert, touareg, Fezzan, oasis, tibesti, trekking, meharee, travel, adventure, dunes, akakous, tadrart, tassili n"ajjer, messak, edehen mourzoul, archaeology, tripolitan, cyrenaic, archaeological, leptis magna, sabrata, appolonia, ghadames, ghat oum elma, wau namous, festival, rock engravings, nomade, erg
Tripoli, +218 23 620661

Yanbo A-Sahra Tourism Services

Inbound (incoming) tour operators based in Benghazi and Misurata and so soon in Tripoli, we are interesting for all type of tourism cooperations
Misurata, +218 92 5659017 / +218 51 632328

Arkno Tours

Trips to all around Libya, visa service, special service for oil companies
Tripoli, 00 218 21 4441452, 00218 21 4442010

Adrar Tour for Travel Service

Good morning from Adrar Travel We are successful LIBYAN Tour Operators, specialized in incoming tourism having gone through 20 years of experience in the field of Tourism.
Tripoli, 00218214801672


Conducting guided tours, shore excursions
Tripoli, 00218213335998

Alyamama Travel Agency

Alyamama... is one of the leading travel and tourism agencies in Libya; our years of experience in tourism field along with very friendly and professional staff will ensure providing customers with the highest level of commitment
Tripoli, mob 00218913733908-Fax 00218213400369

Taziet Tours

Specialist in desert and costal trips
Zwara, +218 25220517

Aljawhara Company

Reservations and issuing ticketing
Tripoli, +218 21 4779462

Rayaheen For Travel And Tourism

An ideal team of professionals to help guide assist when you make your first step in Libya.
Tripoli, 00218 21 3342711

Matia Tours

We offer high class classical, desert, Camel and diving tours, at budget prices no middle men book direct. Discover ancient Byzantine, Roman, Greek sites and prehistoric frescos. Come alone, in a group or join a tour.
Tripoli, 00218-21-4781018

Representation of the Tunisian National Tourism Office in Libya

Promotion of the Tunisian touristic product & coordination between Tunisian and Liibyan Tour Operators for organization of tours and booking in the Hotels in the Tunisian touristic regions& contribution to the reinforcement of cooperation between the two Countries in the field of Tourism.
Tripoli, 021.4441231-021.4441672

Alerbel Tours & Travel

Inpound & Outpound Tourist Travellers, Airline Reservation, Ticketing, Hotel Reservations, Transportations, Daily Sightseeing Tours and Safari Programs to all Libyans Deserts & Camping
Sebha, +218 927501001

Al-Dalel For Tourism Services

For tourism groups and for companies services
Tripoli, 00218-21-3339231

AL Qilaa Travel & Tourism Agency

As we are IATA member we book and issue air tickets on behave of most airlines and as special service we provide our business class air ticket free ride from home to airport also we organize package tours inside and outside Libya and arranging studying abroad and renting cars
Tripoli, +218 21 4445031 +218 21 4444996 

Annisr Travel & Tourism Libya

We have a huge & extensive experience in providing both excellent services & very competitive tour prices, as we provide the unique Services, such as Holistic Tours, Tailored Made Tours, Safari & Relaxing Beach packages, with the Quick trips from all Ports of Libya.
Tripoli, +218 21 334 3064/5

Aljadeda Tours Co.

Travel and tourism agency
Tripoli, 00218 21 3340100 

 Comments : Publish your article
By Tariq.ali, Date: 8/28/2007
hi dear,
just i need information about arout to agin additional information regarding tourism guides and current lincensing and training programes may operate in libya
Zawia Travel & Tours
By zawia , Date: 11/1/2007
Dear Madam

Hello, i inform you that you missing a old Agence in Libya ( experience of 15 years ) his name is Zawia Travel & Tours / Zawia
Tel:+218 23 626462
Fax: +218 23 629420
By youcefi, Date: 11/18/2007
nous souhaitons avoir des contacts avec des societes libiennes.
Excellent Libyan Tour agent
By linda, Date: 11/26/2007
I would like to praise Hesperides Tour Company for its fantastic service. it was an enjoyable and memorable visit. Thank you
Hesperides Tours Company
By linda, Date: 12/25/2007
I praised Hesperides Tours Company but forgot to give email and telephone number for fellow travellers, the staff are very helpful.
Tel: +218 61 2232555
Fax: +218 61 2237374
Libyan Visa
By yeremyah neuhart, Date: 1/13/2008
I will like some good person to assist me with a contact details of any good and trust worthy Libyan Tour and Travel company that can assist me with a Libyan Visa and the fee they charge. I am a Ghanaian.

My email is:
Badran, Travel agency spcialized in the Sahara Trips
By Abdoul Minem Awidat, Date: 1/24/2008
Our Company is Located in Fazzan, the middle of The Libyan Sahara . We are specialists in organizing all kinds of tours, classica tours, and Sahara Tours.

Our services include all land arrangements including visa invitation, transportation, hotel reservations, qualified multilingual guides to escorted classical , cultural , study and desert tours.

Please contact:
we are Saudi company
By Tahir, Date: 4/13/2008
we are Saudi companywe Our Company is Located in MAKKAH, . We are specialists in Umrah services ,
Our services include all land arrangements including Umrah visa ,transportation, hotel reservations in Makkah andMadinah
pleas contac us
LIbyan tourist visa
By Katya, Date: 4/16/2008
Hello. I need smb's help: i've heard that it is possible not to get tourist visa in Libyan embassy in my country if I have an invitation from a Libyan touristic agency approved by Libyan passport police in tripoli. In the airpot while passport control checking i need just to show the original of this letter and it'll be enough. Is it true????
Hesperides Tour Sevices Company
By Carol El-Hadi, Date: 4/17/2008
I would first like to thank Linda for her comments, it is a pleasure to be of service.We would like to offer our services to anyone who is interested in Visiting Libya, Visa, Tours,Hotel reservations, transport, etc....We look forward to your inquires.
Tel: +218 61 2232555
Fax: +218 61 2237374
travailler avec des agences lybiennes touristiques
By targui, Date: 5/9/2008
nous sommes en algerie et nous aimerions recevoir nos freres lybiens en algerie
pour plus de details contacter nous
sarl itta algerie
Libyan Visa For Individuals
By Temehu, Date: 5/15/2008
Temehu Tourism Services is a Libyan tour operator and travel agent, providing a wide range of services, from visa invitation letter, to prehistoric art exploration and Sahara desert tours. The company can provide visa (or visa invitation letters) for travellers travelling on their own or part of a larger group, and there is no need to book a group tour. Please visit site ( for conatct details.
Diving in Tripoli
By Emma, Date: 5/25/2008
Hi, I am looking for an organised scuba diving trip in tripoli. How do I get in touch with an agent who can help me with this?
Black Horse Travel of Egypt
By Tarek Talaat, Date: 5/27/2008
Black Horse Travel offer all travel arrangements in Egypt and the Middle East that meet the most discriminating standard for high services and comfort, assuring you and your guests, a memorable travel experience, all while taking advantage of our low cost group and fit travel, which can be tailored to suite all our tourist requirements and budgets. In deed, you are dealing with the best travel agency that offering quality travel services to visitors of all types, as Egypt is considered one of the finest holiday destinations in the world. Our E-mail:
adressed to Emma
By Gabriel, Date: 6/7/2008
Dear Emma,

I am Gabriel and i work at ARKNO TOURS in Libya.Since you are looking for someone to organize a diving tour for you i can help you.
here s my e-mail where you can contact me
and i shall then organize the trip for you but of course i first need some information from you,
looking forward to hear from you,
ARKNO TOURS- discover Libya with us
By GABRIEL, Date: 6/7/2008
We at ARKNO TOURS are very happy to welcome everyone to Libya.We offer a range of services starting from visas until desert trips.Anything you would like to see in Libya do not hesitate to contact us.
partenaires et associes
By boukadida ferid, Date: 6/10/2008
J’ai deux clients d’Allemagne qui veulent partir pour la Libye passé 5 jours 4 nuits à Hôtel Zawia El Anwar
Pouvez-vous me donner l’adresse skype pour vous envoyer les copies des passeports car je n’arrive pas ni à le faxé ni. À l’envoyer par email car il est très lourd
Permettez moi de vous demandez le tarif.
Aussi je veux les programmes de circuits pour l’Egypte avec les prix pour voyage de noces et anniversaire de mariage.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute réservation, renseignement sur nos Services ou sur notre région. Vous pouvez également visiter notre site internet :
Nous souhaitons avoir le plaisir de vous accueillir à notre région et restons à votre disposition pour tout renseignement complémentaire.
Dans l’attente, nous vous prions de recevoir, Mr, nos sincères salutations
Service Commercial
Boukadida Ferid
Almoassera Travel Agency : welcome to Libya, you are our dear guest.
By Mabrouk, Date: 8/4/2008
Almoassera Travel Agency team is ready to offer services starting from visas until desert trips.
You would like to see Libya, see it with us, you'll enjoy in Libya.
Do not hesitate to contact us.
travel agency
By mohammad, Date: 11/3/2008
dear sir. how do you do? i am mohammad, i wanna buy a air ticket libya to malaysia 2 way. i would like to know what air lines will be better and how much the ticket?

your excellency
We Can coprate with any travel agent from Lybia
By Mahmoud Amer, Date: 11/18/2008
We will give u the best offer and Programs to Egypt * *
+218925137922.+218925146486. fax.+218712637485
By albreag tourism company, Date: 11/20/2008
Desert team from Libya; give you invitation for travel to Libya to discover the magic of Libya
sebha, tel . 00218 925137922
fax .00218712637485
Organizes trips to discover libyan desert

LICENCE N° 63280
TEL= 00218717102901

Objet: Demande de collaboration

J'ai l'honeur de vous feliciter et vous expedier a quel point je porte en permanence
au plus haut le blambeau de votre service de voyages.
Je suis notament l'un des plus fidele de cette passion(tourism)..
En tant que cordinateur et guide accompagnateur de l'agence locale en

Sans doute que notre service jouit d'une bonne reputation en vers tous qu'on a partager ensemble les moments absolu au desert(une professionalisme conviviale)..
Parallelement a cela,je vous rassure avant tout,l'encadrement de l'aspect fondamental
du travail(satisfaction des clients)
je pense bien que cette raison est l'une des plus admirables.pour l'ameloiration
du bien pour toujours...

a mon dernier vollet,je tiens de toute simplicite de m'avoir accorder ma demande de collaboration pour la destination libyenne!

En esperant une exellente reuissite a nous tous...
je serai ravi de vous lire et n'esiter pas a poser toute vos questions.

meilleurs voeux

Looking for agence in Libya from China
By Roland LIN, Date: 12/18/2008
We are the agence Travel (Beijing China), and we are offen the group who want to tour lbya. I want to know if somme operator traverl have MSN so that contact.

Best regard

BTS Travel
Beijing Chine
By Looking for agence in Libya from China, Date: 12/18/2008
my email:
Pls sen your MSN to my Email
looking for guide & driver in sebha
By jasper, Date: 1/7/2009
i want visit to northen chad Bardai - Aozour
from SEBHA circuit
looking for cooperation
By Ascot ZHENG, Date: 1/13/2009
hello,we are Beijing Youth Travel Services(BYTS),we are looking for travel & tourism agency or company for a long cooperation in Libye.Please contact me with
By Haji, Date: 1/20/2009
We help Tourists to explore even business in Libya.
tourism marketing
By Kahena, Date: 4/2/2009
we ask you kindly to cooperate with our travel company.
Many thanks
VISA entrance
By HATOCO MANPOWER, Date: 5/11/2009
Dear Sir/Madam

We are HATTOCO MANPOWER COMPANY from Vietnam. We specialize in export laborer. We would like to visit your country to learn about labor market. Could you offer us the price of VISA service, process, and menthod of payment.

If possible could you offer us VISA service for other country: Lybia, Lebanon, Cyprus,

We are looking forward from you, thanks in advance.

Sincerely yours
By Shafiqul, Date: 5/31/2009
Smart work Travel & Tours
Dhaka, Banglasesh

Date: 31/05/2009

Dear Sir/Madam

We are Smart work travel & tours , working with manpower sector.
We can delivery Bangladeshi skill & no-skill labour professionally.
We would like to visit your country to learn about labor market.

Could you offer us the sector of work with salary and details of employment agreement.

pls. inform me the price of VISA services, processing time and menthod of payment.

We are looking forward from you, thanks in advance.

Sincerely yours
Shafiqul Islam
Air Ticket
By PETER DAY, Date: 6/24/2009
Dear Sir/Ma

I am Peter Day C.E.O of ARENA SPORT MANAGEMENT one of the FIFA lincence agent in United Kingdom

I understand you make flight reservation and i have got some players to fly one
from Tripoli to London departing on 26th June and return on 10th July 2009 and the player's name is Lerson Joe mr, then the other Player will be traveling from Lagos to Johannesburg on South African airways departing on 28th June and Return on 15th July His name is Olaseni Oladipipo Mr

Pls get back to me with the itinerary and the fare.

I await to read from you.

Peter Day,
Arena Sports Management Limited,
18 Windmill Field WARE,
SG12 9PE,
Fax:+44-1920/468 345

Air Ticket
By PETER DAY, Date: 6/24/2009
Dear Sir/Ma

I am Peter Day C.E.O of ARENA SPORT MANAGEMENT one of the FIFA lincence agent in United Kingdom

I understand you make flight reservation and i have got some players to fly one
from Tripoli to London departing on 26th June and return on 10th July 2009 and the player's name is Lerson Joe mr, then the other Player will be traveling from Lagos to Johannesburg on South African airways departing on 28th June and Return on 15th July His name is Olaseni Oladipipo Mr

Pls get back to me with the itinerary and the fare.

I await to read from you.

Peter Day,
Arena Sports Management Limited,
18 Windmill Field WARE,
SG12 9PE,
Fax:+44-1920/468 345
By , Date: 7/18/2009
Hi My Dear Friend
We sincerely thank you very much for your kindly expressing an interest with our Company Cosmopolitan Travel one of the leading agent, tour operator and ground handling service companies in Egypt.
Our ultimate goal is to give our clients the excellent travel memories that will last them a lifetime!
Please have a look to our new homepage for more details:
Yours sincerely
Cosmopolitan Travel Team
Tel: {+2-02} 338 42713 {6 Lines}
Tel: {+2-02} 377 17699
Fax: {+2-02} 338 82616
Mobile: {+2} 010 6470046
Mobile: {+2} 012 0604465
By mustapha, Date: 8/18/2009
je cherche un job dans le tourisme en qualité d'interprete guide dans les langues allemande,francaise et arabe
Work Abroad
By Mr.Maxwell Koffi, Date: 10/27/2009
Work Abroad"

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as ABROAD CONNECTION,RECRUITMENT & VISA CONSULTANT LTD and one of the leading Online Manpower Recruitment Agency Based in Accra-Ghana West Africa for domestic and Overseas countries.

We provide quality solution and consultation designed to meet the needs of our
clients. We take great pride in offering professional recruitment and management consultancy services for all your staffing need.

We are currently recruiting workers to work at Royal Pacific Fisheries Canada,Spain and USA (RPFC)for a contract of twoyears.

If you are interested to travel abroad(CANADA),do indicate your interest by sending us your resume including your contact number and passport number for us to recruit you and also apply for your job offer letter to the company and Once your offer is granted we will send it accross for your view, we will also help you to apply for your two years working permit visa here in Canadian Embassy Ghana for you to join the company in Canada.We wait for your urgent response as we are here to serving you better.

Thanks and goodluck.
Mr.Maxwell Koffi,
Director Abroad connection consultant Ltd.Accra-Ghana.
Availability Employment Opportunities to USA & Canada & Europe
By Anna Lisa, Date: 12/11/2009
American United International of Italy for Travel and Tourism Services in UK & USA, announces the need for delegates to work as sales marketing representatives by COMMISSION ONLY in the European countries, USA, Canada and South America.

All contracts are documented and legally certified through the official legal Departments and certified through the Ministry of foreign affairs in the UK.

Candidate must be fluent in English and/or French, have minimum 2 years experience in the field of Marketing & Tourism, must be sales driven, have good customer communication skills and deliver good hospitality to all clients. All candidates must be well groomed and of good appearance.

Notes: All employment contract costs and administration fees will be payable by the applying candidate.

For further details and information, please do not hesitate to contact our Company customer service center in the UK telephone number +44-207-993-5405 Monday to Friday during business hours 8:30am - 7:00pm London local time, and please email your enquires to One of our team will happy to help you.

Notice: Please be attention that all the telephone conversations inquiries should be in English language.

Marketing Sales Center
By osman, Date: 12/16/2009
TEL/FAX 00218717102961
Directeur Osman Fathi



By Mike Brow, Date: 12/24/2009
United Kingdom Travel Services in UK are pleased to announces need for delegates as travel and Tourism agent as soon as possible.

For further detalis and information, please contact our Company Center in UK at the telephone number 0044-207-851-4520 and email your enquiers to UKTRAVELSERVICES@YAHOO.COM.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Festive Seasons and Happy New Year Prosperous 2010. Please find below the dates of our office opening hours during the holiday’s season.

Wed, 23 Dec 09 (8am - 5pm)
Thurs, 24 Dec 09 (8am - 2pm)
Fri, 25 Dec 09 - Closed
Mon, 28 Dec 09 - Closed
Tue, 29 Dec 09 (9am - 5pm)
Wed, 30 Dec 09 (9am - 5pm)
Thurs, 31 Dec 09 (8am - 2pm)
Fri, 01 Jan 10 - Closed
By David King, Date: 1/24/2010
We are Life Liberty Foundation,A charity organization concerning about humanitarians needs.We need a flight tickets for 3 of our delegates leaving from Cotonou to Tripoli on 29/01/10 to 19/02/10 on lowest economy class.Expecting to read from you shortly.
By sana, Date: 2/23/2010
By sana briki date23/02/2010
hello ,
i need job in lybi exactly "tripoli"
im in university of tourism and in travel agency
By mohamed, Date: 3/27/2010
Asfar AL-Huroj Tourism
Telephone: +218 21 334 5369
fax:+ 218 21 6620366
+218 91 3728214
+218 92 7214006
emergency email:
skype: asfartours
first of september St
By mohamed, Date: 3/27/2010
Asfar AL-Huroj Tourism
Telephone: +218 21 334 5369
fax:+ 218 21 6620366
+218 91 3728214
+218 92 7214006
emergency email:
skype: asfartours
first of september St
By Tamer, Date: 4/11/2010
Dear Madam /Sir

We would like to seize this good opportunity to introduce our agency to you .

BADIA Travel is located in Tripoli Libya and it's established in 1992. The main field of activity is the organization of natural tours around Libya besides the other tourist joint services.

We provide all types of tourism:-
VIP tours, culture tours, adventure, trekking, camel tours, camper tours, riding, 4x4 Clubs, studies trips, individuals, groups, diving, and hiking...etc.
BADIA tours has created in a short time an excellent reputation thanks to its good services.

Our Agency can offer to your distinguished clients:-

- Visa:
The clients can get the visa at Airport or Borders, such procedure takes about 07 days to sort out the visa. (the client must send to us a passport copy and we will send the request to the immigration office in order to issue the visa for our clients, and we will get the permit of the visa 2 days before the group arrives, in case that the clients arrive by plane we will send it to them by email or fax.

- Full & half board.

- Assistance at arrival & departure time.

- Accommodation (Hotels, in cities - fixed & wild-camping in desert with camping equipments) (tents, mattresses, blanket, and pillows).

- Transportation:

- A/C bus and cars in asphalt.

- 4x4 cars for tours in desert (with satellite phone).

- International & Domestic flights From/to Djerba –Tripoli – Sebha - Benghazi.

- English - French - Italian - Germany - Spanish speaking guides.

- Entering tickets to museums and archaeological sites.

- Passport registration.

P.S: In order to have good co-operation between our two agencies, we have to figure out the following points:-

1- When you provide us with any group, you have to send us all the details about the tour such as the itinerary day by day, the exact of arrival time, as well as the departure too. If we find the itinerary worthy to be adjusted, you will be informed.

2- For the visa, you have to send us a copy of the passport at least 10 days before the group’s arrival.

3- The type of the services that you need for you clients as accommodation in 3, 4 or 5* hotels.

4- English - Spanish - French - Italian speaking guide upon your request.

For any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

N.B: If you are interested in our offers, please feel free to contact me or kindly download them from the following links:

Sorry for any disturbance I may cause for you.

Best regards


Marketing & Coordination Manager

Badiatravel Tripoli – Libya

Tel : 00 218 214842678
Cell : 00 218 0914076457
Fax : 00 218 214842679
E-mail :
Skype: tamer.almahdy

Travel trough Lybia
By De Haes Paul, Date: 4/14/2010
We are a couple who wants to travel trough Africa and we wich to visit Lybia as well. With our Jeep, a Toyota Landruiser;
Can someone give me all the things necessary to make this trip in Lybia, with visa etc...
We are Belgium and the ambassy here said we have to contact a local travel agency in Tripoli to get autorisation for visa.
Can you help us
With best regards
P. De Haes -B. Crèvecoeur
Tel. 0032/475841367
Travel trough Lybia
By De Haes Paul, Date: 4/14/2010
We are a couple who wants to travel trough Africa and we wich to visit Lybia as well. With our Jeep, a Toyota Landruiser;
Can someone give me all the things necessary to make this trip in Lybia, with visa etc...
We are Belgium and the ambassy here said we have to contact a local travel agency in Tripoli to get autorisation for visa.
Can you help us
With best regards
P. De Haes -B. Crèvecoeur
Tel. 0032/475841367
By rime, Date: 4/17/2010
we are mey tourism company our company is located in ISTANBUL.our services include all land arrangements including transportation,hotel reservation,tours in ISTANBUL,IZMIR,ANTALYA and BURSA too.we need same company from LIBYA for more information please contact me 00 90 5548677293 or on my adress e-mail
Travel to desert Of Libya
By Mohamed Echiekh, Date: 4/28/2010
Tanarout Traveller is a Libyan company specialized in tourism and travel business. We have offices in Libya as well as in Algeria, in order to organize tours to the desert, whether adventure trips in Akakus (Libya) and Tasili (Algeria), or camel trekking to these and many other destinations.
Our newest offer includes organizing Tours by Levels, from the rookie level, to the master of adventure.

Since our company wants to extend it's business and to present these incredible sights to European tourists, we decided to offer you the mutual partnership, by organizing a test trip to Libya for you, according to our itinerary.

Hoping you will consider our offer.

Sincerely yours,
Tanarout Traveller
By, Date: 5/6/2010
Hello dear,
Good day, how are you name is miss Rita arona, i saw your profile
today at and after going through it,i found out that you are looking for a nice girl who will love to be with you.i will like you to get in touch with through my email address so that you will know more about me there.
Here is my E mail address feel free to contact me, please my dear try to e mail me with my personal E mail so that i will tell you more about my self with some pics of me.
please my dear try to mail me with my Email address so that i will Give to you my photo for you to know more about me()(

Hope to hear from you soon as you get this mail.

Thanks yours Miss rita

By tareq qalyoubi, Date: 5/24/2010
hello from

Dear Sir,

From Jordan we/ Rawand tours and travel/ send you our best regards and would like you to know that we do apreciate your cooperation in the future for the benefit of us and yours.
For more information, please feel free to visit our link
Hope hearing from you soon and wish you good day.

And we hope to be our partner in the future for all tourist group, and we can give you all special rate for groups and F.I.T, with great services.

Hope to hear from you soon


Rawand Tours
General Manager
Tareq Qalyoubi
Telefax: +962 6 58 59 700
Mobile : +962 79 591 17 15
Emil :
Visit Tripoli
By H. Jarrahi, Date: 5/31/2010
Dear Sir / Madam

I interested to have a 1 week visit from Tripoli.
Please let me know , how you can help me.
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
By Temehu, Date: 7/18/2010
Temehu Tourism Services
Tripoli tour
By Massimo, Date: 7/23/2010
I wish to spend (after 50 years) 1 week in Tripoli with my wife. I cameback to Italy in 1962 when I was 14, and till now my only way to see the town where I was born, has been... Google. Could somebody help me to organize that trip? Thank in advance.
By Mr Johnson , Date: 7/29/2010

We are EASY-LINK RECRUITMENT AGENCY based in Accra Ghana. An agency set aside in recruiting workers to work in Canada. Currently the company have vacancies as follows: Fish Packing, Fish Cutting, Labourers, Lobster, Company Security, Cleaners, Drivers, Cook, Construction Post - Welders, Carpenters, Brick Layers, etc and Administrative Post - Computer Operators, Customer Care Representative, Clerk, Sales Persons, etc,. The job is valid for 2 years and it's renewable. The salary is paid per hourly basis of $20. Company will take care of the followings; Air ticket, feeding, Maximum security in work environment and housing community, Free medical/dental care for employee and family, Life Insurance, Paid vacation and accommodation in the Company premises.

Any individual/expatriates or Consultancy firm capable of rendering expertise services in various fields should contact us immediately for the Job employment Application Form. We will help you apply for the company and also help you in getting Canada 2 Years Working Permit Visas. Looking forward in hearing from your response as we are here to serve you better.


Mr Johnson Director
Email :
By Beware Ofme Moboto, Date: 7/30/2010
I can get you a job in America or in Nigeria and I can get you a Libyan visa too, on arrival. Just send me all your details, date of birth, bank account details, everything, and I will get you the job, just like that. By the way, I am the Director but I still like using a yahoo hotemail. THANks.
Cultural tour of Iran
By hamid, Date: 8/2/2010
we at IRTouring offers variety of organized packages tour of iran including cutural tours of iran, iran tour for families with kids, daily budget tours, desert safari guides and camping, iran entry visa and tours to iran and syria in a packages,
we are also keen to make cooperations with a tour companies and operators all around the world to bring incoming tours to iran
Please find more info at:
thank's alot and we hope a services of iran tours regardly offers as a trip of life time
By Nohamed echiekh, Date: 9/12/2010

Wir sind TANAROUT Touren laden ein, die mystische Schönheit und entdecken
inspirierenden Geologie der Libyschen Wüste. Wir prüfen sorgfältig die besten Design
Flexible Abenteuer Routen auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden anzupassen. Wir laden Sie ein
nach Libyen zu besuchen, um die Anreise mit dem Wählen zu genießen aus einer Vielzahl von Tag
Touren erkunden diese unglaubliche Region.
Presentation of services
Dear Sir,

We are very pleased to present to you our services hoping it will apply to you full satisfaction.
Company Profile

Ashareq almounir for tourism is a full-service travel agency, was established in February 2010, located in Tripoli, capital city of Libya, having all experience in air transport of passengers, working with highly trained staff deputed exclusively for ticketing and hotel reservations.
Ashareq almounir for tourism is Accredited and approved as travel agent for all international and local airlines operating in Libya.
Since our company establishment, we started providing our services for the public, some of our important partners are worldwide hotel channels , importantes travel agencies in Turkey,Egypt,Tunisia and Morocco,we have also accreditations from English high schools and universities,and many other partners in different fields of tourism.
Touristic Services:
-Reservation and issue of air tickets of all Airlines operating in Libya with the same airline prices and without any additional fees.
-Hotel booking worldwide, through the best hotel reservation systems
-Organizing tours & travels for groups and individuals
-Car rent worldwide.
-Issue of a travel insurance documents .
-Thermal tourism: Turkey,Morocco,Egypt and Tunisia.
-Private and groups transfers.
- Incentive&congress-meetings,organizations services:
-Organizing congress,conferences,seminars….
-Incentive meeting & tours for companies.
-Travel arrangements for congress participants.
-Preparation of visa for Schengen countries or else.
- Training courses for professional qualifications in all disciplines, ensuring accommodation.
- Provision of logistic equipments and stays to organize or attend conferences by your representatives
-advising clients about passports, vaccinations, visas, foreign currency, excursions in resorts
Company strategy:
The company has a successful professional career based on a reliable strategy aimed at satisfying the growing needs of its clients, also using tools effectively by collaborating with partners highly specialized and qualified in tourism field.
To achieve its objectives in ongoing and long term, the Company draws an evolutionary program of its achievements by building on its own human resources gifted with a creative mind,multilingual skills and helpful to submit the increasing demands and requirements of a professional work.
The company also sent its representative to your headquarters for delivery of all orders and provide all necessary facilities.
In the case of your consent to deal with our company and this is what we attend, we conclude with you a contract for the services that you wish to be provided, based on orders we receive from you either by e-mail or fax through formal letters of you.
We also issue monthly invoices for all services provided by the end of each month for the performance of the receivables.
We also welcome your suggestions and your proposals to raise the level of our services and accelerate the pace of delivery.
While waiting for your answer
Please accept our deep greetings

Presentation of services
CONTACTS:+218 92 738 37 09
+218 21 729 69 25
FAX:+218 21 483 91 58
Iran tour, tours Iran, Travel to Iran, visit iran, iran tourist visa, iran tour pacakage via
By viki, Date: 11/1/2010
IRTouring Offer comprehensive discount Tours and travel packages in Iran for groups and individuals, that Includes Cultural, Historical Archaeological Pilgrimages Muslims Christians and Jewish Tours of Iran, we also Offer Caspian Sea Tour, Persian Gulf Holiday Packages Tours and Tours for families with Kids.
syria tour, syria tour package, travel visit syria, syria personal private tourtst guide, Combination iran syria tour via
By rasha, Date: 11/1/2010
“Syria Guided Tours” an authorized and experienced Private tour guide in Syria, which can Run tours to Both Iran and Syria

“Syria Guided Tours & Services” specializes in planning and organizing tours to Syria and tourist services that are suitable for individuals, small groups, families and people with special needs.

All of Syria Tour are led by professional Syria Tourist tour guides who have a great deal of experience and in-depth knowledge of the background of Syria, including Trip Guide, history, archeology, geography, nature and more.
Mr Mandate
By Mr Sidibe, Date: 11/19/2010
Att; Sir/Madam,

Bankady local miner

We are a group,of Local Mining Communities , and we are also Holder of Precious Metal Export Company,

bankady local miner are Precious metal exporters, and they are also seller of local gold dust product from different mining villages, communities miners, private miners and joint local sellers representatives.

We have legal license for export & import in Republic of Mali.
we are ready to establish a long term business agreement with your company & Buyers.

Specifications and quantity Product:
A) COMMODITY: Aurum Utalium (AU).
B) FORM: Gold dust
C) PURITY: 94% plus
D) FINENESS: 22+ Karat or plus.
E) ASSAY: To be determined by buyer’s chose Refinery.
G) QUANTITY: 400 – KG available in stock
H) Price: $20.000usd Negotiable per KG

Our commodity goes high every day, due to our local miners has the capacity delivering between 4 - 10 kg every day denpent on the climate or Man power production,

I wait for your reply, with you full company information, so that, I will draft our sale offer to you to study and sign.

Thanks & Best Regard
Mr kabba Sidibe
(Head consultant)
00223 636 213 96
Ethiopian tour operatour
By Abera tour, Date: 12/14/2010
Dear Sir / Madam
We kindly ask you to read our introduction letter which is a means to explore about Abera tour operation and mutual business opportunities. We would like to introduce ourselves and invite you to make your Slogan “Distinctive ETHIOPIAN Travel" real and enjoyable with Abera tour operation.
Abera tour operation, as one of Tour Operator based in Ethiopia, East Africa engaged in the tourism industry. Our Business lice No is 469/97 and our file No. is 030/1/17/263/97, we got the business license from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Trade and Industry.
The joy of traveling is that it can be enjoyed virtually anywhere in the world. Yet one of the best countries for breathtaking scenery, rugged but majestic mountains, exotic flora, fauna ( mainly endemic mammals, birds, plants) and pristine cultural diversity maintained by perpetual history is undoubtedly Ethiopia. Ethiopia occupies most of the Horn of Africa. The country covers approximately 1,127,127 square kilometers and shares frontiers with Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti. The major physiographic features are a massive highland complex of mountains and plateau divided by the Great Rift Valley and surrounded by lowlands along the periphery. The diversity of the terrain is fundamental to regional variations in climate, natural vegetation, soil composition. And settlement patterns. This colorful country can cater all types of tourist, Adventurous or comfort -loving and any kind of tour in the interest of the travelers In the North, the ancient stele-fields and Rock -hewn churches of Lalibela and Axum show the world's oldest Christian culture very much alive; The ethnic minorities of the south will give a glimpse into timeless Tribal life styles .the East can show you a relaxed and tolerant Muslim culture living in peace .Nature reserves in low-and highlands make for unforgettable hiking and game watching adventure Visiting Ethiopia is once -in-a- lifetime experience. ABERA TOUR OPERATION will make sure that your clients or friends get the best of what this country has to offer.

We provide
Package Tours, Bird Watching, Individual Tours, Rafting, Tailor made tours Trekking, Cars hire Guide service Hotel reservation Camping gear ,Student tour, cultural exchange tour etc
Abera tour operation is waiting to offer you a unique holiday experience. Just let us know the answers to the following questions....
For how long do you come?
•Where do you like to spend your time in Ethiopia?
• What is your interest (Bird Watching? Trekking? Rafting?
Historical site? Tribes? National parks? Wild life? Safari, Photo tours, Orphans, etc?)
• Are you single, couple, family, group etc?
• What sort of accommodation (hotel, camping, lodge, would you like?
• You want to use (bicycle, motor, 4X4, bus, air, horse/mule ride, walking or combinations)?
And we will design the best workable itinerary to fit your exact needs and expectations, provide you with a quote and you can have a lot to tell to your friends and family.
For more info please contact us
Web site
phone 002510911249079 or 00251910529421 pobox 21223/1000 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
We wish for a prospective business relationship. Your urgent response
will be highly appreciated.
Abera tour operation
travel agency for incoming and outgoing from Bosnia and Herzegovina
By ELITE TRAVEL, Date: 12/24/2010
tel: 00 387 33 573 340
fax: 00 387 33 573 342
sales & marketing
By ennaji nabil, Date: 12/28/2010
Dear Sir;
We hereby would like to examine the possibilities of a future co-operation between other tour operators over the world. So, kindly allow us to introduce ourselves as an experienced incoming agent and tour operator based in the Tripoli city, Libya.
With our long-standing expertise and know-how in the travel business, we are your competent partner...
For the individual all-round service at international events of all kinds (especially trade fairs, congresses and conferences) as well as...
For the organization of your business and leisure trips allowing your customers (both individuals and groups) to discover the authentic side of Libya and Africa.
"Friendly · Individual · Reliable" is the main of our committed and multi-lingual team providing an extensive spectrum of tailor-made services such as:
- Hotel Reservation
- Group Tours, Excursions & Day Trips
- Quad tour and Sahara tour.

- Archaeological tour

- Trade Fair & Delegation Travel
- Congress & Conference Organization
- Coach & Cars Transfers
- Hostesses & Interpreters
- Car Rental
- Private Accommodations & Apartments
- VIP & Event Service

Find more about our agency profile with full details about services and many itinerary that we can develop together and suggest additional destination at

We promote also a special tour using Desert Quad, we will also send you full details about this program and available services if you are interesting, and we can prepare together fixed date for quad tour.

Should you have any further questions or need additional information, and then please feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

With best regards,

Ennaji Nabil
Sales and Marketing Department
Jabal Al Hassawna Travel Service Company
00218 91 897 01 06
slovenian tour opreatour
By walid elganiny , Date: 1/10/2011
Greetings from Happy Tours! We’re a tour operator covering Central, East and South-east Europe, primarily: Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Czech and Slovak Republic, Serbia and Montenegro.

We'd be delighted to be given an opportunity to work with your esteemed company.

We excel in the following particularly:

- Tailor-made bus group tours throughout continental Europe
- FIT and family tours and holidays in the region
- Honeymooners packages in some of the most romantic cities in the world (e.g. Venice, Salzburg, Vienna)
- Driver/guide personnal tours throughout Europe
- Over 30 guaranteed tours with regular departures covering all Central, South-east and East Europe
- We have hotel allotments during all most important Medical conferences in 2011
- Bus rentals
- We have English / French / Russian / Arabic / German / Turkish / Spanish /Chinese and Japanese speaking guides available

We would be delighted if we could assist you with any enquires and are looking foreward to starting a co-operation.
our contact
By walid, Date: 1/10/2011

Walid Elganiny

Druzina Krumpak d.o.o.
Ljubljanska cesta 106a
1230 Domzale

Tel: +386/590/ 78 200
Fax: +386/590/ 78 205

Sales and Tour Coordinator
By Getaw Sitegin, Date: 1/15/2011

Bencho Ethiopia Tour is a tour company based in Addis Ababa, staffed with highly professionals!

For any tour operators who wants to have partner in Ethiopia, please visit our website:

our link is:
Incoming Tour Operator in Ethiopia
By Ethiopia Tour and Travel, Date: 4/9/2011
Having just returned from three weeks in Ethiopia (north and south), as part of a group of six friends travelling together, I’d like to very highly recommend the gentleman who arranged, supervised, prepared and guided our travels. As long-time experienced travellers, we’ve never enjoyed such professional, friendly, on-time, prompt and all-knowing services as provided by – Mohammed Nasir, Managing Director of Aberus Ethiopia Tours. During the many months corresponding with Mohammed prior to our trip, he answered all questions, comments and requests online, immediately and exactly. Mohammed’s website is and his e-mail is Anyone who is planning to travel in fascinating Ethiopia will benefit 1000% from Mohammed’s services and friendship.
loan offer
By edward johnson , Date: 7/25/2011
I can help fund Loans for any purpose (as long as it does not involve any form of illegalities) – From $5,000 to $49,000,000. All circumstances considered. Pay nothing for up to six months!. Business Loans are also available at 3% interest rate
By frank ledwada, Date: 7/28/2011


By frank, Date: 10/3/2011

Compliment of the day.

I am from Zimbabwean; I need your help in transferring twelve million, eight hundred thousand united state dollars.
Can I TRUST you with

Six million Nine Hundred Thousand United State Dollars?.

Do Check Attachment for details.

Please do give me a call if interested,

Remain Blessed.

Best regards,
Frank Ledwada
Tel: +27 73 995 6682
Reply to:
Abd el Wahab
By AL SAQR EL MASRY TRAVEL, Date: 10/13/2011
Dear Sir,
Have a nice day from Al Saqr Al Masri Travel.
We are looking forward to have good co-operation with your Agency.
It gives us the most pleasure to send to you about our Company Al Saqr Al Masri Travel, so please let us introduce
our Company Al Saqr Al Masri Travel.& our services in the following few links:
About Al Saqr Al Masri Travel
English Web: Arabic Web :
Our Services:
We look forward to have a good co-operation with your Agency, as we arrange a lot of international tours abroad Egypt.
So, we ask you to send us your best rates for 3*/4*/5* hotels so we can market for it in Egypt.
Also we wonder if you have any other services which you can provide us such as:
- meet & assist in airport in arrival & departure days.
- If you have charter flight to Egypt at Summer time.
- If you have your own programs & itinerary.
If so, we ask you to send us your best rates for these services.
We will be more then pleased to receive samples of your itinerary & best rates for Winter

G.m:Magdy Aly
By Mohammed Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Date: 12/28/2011
Dear Sir/Madam,
After the compliments, I would like come your country for visit and also to serve your country's people and looking Travel field job. I was in travel professionaal job in muscat last thirteen years. Right now I am in Dubai. It will be highly appreciated if any agency can forward travel permit or, resident permit for work in Libya.

With Best Regards,

Mohiuddin chowdhury,

contact no. 00971552416632 ,
BANGLADESH CONTAC NO. 008801720656655
Sales Manager
By Youssef Omar, Date: 1/3/2012
Dear Sir,

We are very pleased to present to you our services hoping it will apply to you full satisfaction.
Company Profile:
Dana Tours is one of the TOP Ten Travel Agencies in Egypt, we are working & power with GCC, Middle East Market , Americans and European Market.
Dana Tours was established 1999 under tourism license no.1141 (Category A) as an important economic kernel in the tourism field.
Since that time, the company grows in a persistent progress that pushed it to take over a distinguished position of prestige among grand tourism companies in Egypt.
Dana Tours embraces elite of the most qualified manpower in the field of Tourism Industry who are people of experience and professional pursuit leading a collection of active, vigorous employees in all executive spheres of work. On the strength of mindful and developed board of directors, they follow the latest techniques and scientific methods in modern management.

Dana Tours owns a modern transportation fleet that serves both individuals and tourist groups. The department serves the tourism industry in Egypt in cooperation with different governmental institutions and organizations beside International Firms and companies in Egypt. Great confidence at Dana Tours and its transportation fleet makes it one of the biggest tourism companies in Egypt which deliver distinguished services to lots of embassies, consulates and foreign colonies resident in Egypt. In addition, the department succeeded in organizing a lot of international conferences in Egypt.

Dana Tours, The domestic tourism department is responsible for organizing indoor trips for individuals and groups in Egypt. The department succeeded in gaining customer confidence in performing its tasks. That pushed Dana Tours to be one of the outstanding companies in organizing indoor tourism programs in challenging prices serving grand companies and associations in Egypt. The department came off in dealing and communicating with all hotels and resorts erected on the land of Egypt from 3 to 5 stars.

In the case of your consent to deal with our company and this is what we attend, we conclude with you a contract for the services that you wish to be provided, based on orders we receive from you either by e-mail or fax through formal letters of you.
We also issue monthly invoices for all services provided by the end of each month for the performance of the receivables.
We also welcome your suggestions and your proposals to raise the level of our services and accelerate the pace of delivery.
While waiting for your answer
Please accept our deep greetings

contact no.00201000407016
Youssef Omar
Sales Manger
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Traveling In Morocco Tours
By Mohamed , Date: 3/7/2016
Morocco Tours - Holidays In Morocco - Custom Tours Of Morocco - Travel To Morocco- Trips In Morocco-Tours From Marrakech:
With intimate knowledge of our beloved Country we will put together a tailor made To Experience of Morocco with its ancient history and Culture for you.
You can Discover the magical atmosphere of the Medina’s and Souks, the exotic aroma of the spice’s, which lingers in the heat of the sun.Or perhaps Explore off the beaten track with the Nomadic Berbers in the Sahara Desert And Camel Trekking and sleeping under the stars,Traveling In Morocco Tours:Atlas And Sahara Desert In 1,2,3,4,5 Days From Marrakech.....
From listening to traditional chanting and sampling a variety of freshly prepared Tagines.Visiting the many North African gateways to ancient sites and Cities, to Relaxing on our magnificent Coast on a beach retreat or Sahara Desert Tour From Marrakech/Fes/Casablanca/Tangier/Agadir. We can provide a combination of Adventure to cater for your individual needs and interests. This May Include Transfers to and from the Airport. We can arrange your accommodation Riad's Hotel's Luxury Camp In Sahara Desert Tours 6,7,8,9 Days From Fes....
Our Experienced Moroccan Guides speak English, French Italien and Spanish. Our Guides can provide Transport and escort you on part or all of your chosen Adventure in Morocco. So why not speak to our Travel Specialist they will help you arrange one of our Private Tours or Camel Trekking in Morocco to reflect your needs and wishes,Traveling In Morocco and his Team look forward to welcoming you In Morocco Soon,Tours 7,8,9,10,11,14,15 Days From Casablanca.... Your Travel Into Sahara Desert Of Morocco With Traveling In Morocco Will Be Unique
Our Information:
Name : Traveling In Morocco
What's Up: 00 (212) 610 174 433
Phone. : 00 (212) 677 644 355
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Website :
Discovery the beautiful Vietnam with us
By Tien Vitours, Date: 10/31/2016

Dear Travel Partner,

If you are intersted in exporing Vietnam with the best prices, best accomodations and best places please come and join with us.

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To begin with, with the purposes to bring customers the highest satisfation from our hotels, restaurants, prices, etc. by our enthusiastic members, VITOURS is literally becoming well-known private and customize tour provider in Vietnam as being the leader travel agent in Central of Vietnam since 2005.

Working in services aspect, we provide Inbound Package tours, FIT day tours, Golf tours and customize tours for individuals and any groups or organizations. All of our products are special, unique and professtional as aiming to give our customers a memorable VIETNAM experiences.

In order to expand business, we would wish to become one of your prestigious and reliable partners in Vietnam. If you are planning to organize a tour to Viet Nam, please send an inquiry and contact us, we will give you all special rate for groups and F.I.T with the best services

I am looking forward to a successful Co- operation.
Feel free to get in touch with me with any of your special requests and enquiries. I would be happy to hear from you!


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