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Published on 1/23/2007 By Xcess
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About Tunisia :
Complete Name : Tunisian Republic.
Localization : North of the Continent of Africa.
Surface : 163,610 km2.
Population : ~12 million.
The Capital : Tunis (Pop 1.5 Million).
Principal Cities : Sfax, Sousse and Bizerte.
Inhabitants : Berber (Arab) (98%), European and Juifs.
Languages : Arab (Official Language), French, English.
Religion : Islam, Christianity, Judaism .
Currency : Monetary unit The Dinar, divided into 1000 millimes.
Phone Code : +216
Time zone : GMT + 1 hour.
Governement : Republic
President : Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.
Prime Minister : Mohamed Ghannouchi.
Politic :
 In the 7 November 1987 , Tunisia knew a great change : Mr. Habib Bourguiba the first President of the republic was deposited by his Prime Minister Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. General before starting a political career, former Minister of Interior Department, a wise and determined man, this change was very well accepted by the populations and all the other countries.

Since, the country knows a new day, a continual growth in all the fields, the Tunisian people are known as peaceful people who give a first importance to the moral values and human rights.
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