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Published on 1/23/2007 By Xcess
Infos About : Tunisia Tunis Sousse Sfax Hammamet Djerba Mahdia
  Sidi Bou Said Port el Kantaoui Monastir Kairouan Tozeur Bizert Matmata
   Informations :
the city of djerba in the map of tunisia
Djerba or Jerba, is an island of  Tunisia located at the  South of the gulf of Gabes at
approximately 300 km of Sousse and Monastir
. The island measures approximately
20 km of width and 25 km length, are a surface of 510 km 2.

It's population is estimated to 100 000 inhabitants in 1991
  The island was inhabited by the Romans, then in 655 it was taken by the Arabs, the Norman ones of
Sicily, the Spaniards and Turkish, then in 1881 and like all Tunisia, Djerba is occupied by the french
Monuments And Touristic Attractions
  One of the wonders of Djerba, the meeting of the desert with the sea, it is the miracle of water and the sun
- Witness of art to Djerba, the very beautiful collection of poetries and local costumes of
Zaouia de Sidi Zitouni a rich old building from the XVIII century.
- vestiges of El Kantara: some chapitaux and a large Christian basilica, last remainders of the antique
quoted of Menin.
- the ranges of Sidi Mahrez and Seguia are ones of the most charming florets of the island,
border the coast.
Homet Souk, the capital of the island is the only town of Djerba where we can there visit
the Museum Of Arts and Popular Traditions, the various Souks and especially tourist ones which offers
multiple wonders (the traditionel pottery, fishing), the various Galleries, Mosquées... in short all what
marks the originality and the charm of this island.
- Midoun, it is the second more significant city of the island it is known for the antiquity of its buildings.
- Guellela, it is the small city of the pottery. It is formed by potters and their dwellings you can admire their
work on line on the spot.
- the hotels club propose many sports such as the deep-sea diving, horsemanship, tennis, etc...
Addresses And Useful Informations :
   - Regional Office Of  Tourism : Houmt Souk Djerba 4180, Djerba.						Phone :  (+216-75) 650 016 / 650 544						Fax     :  (+216-75) 650 581
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