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> FED & SED Monitors; New technology 2009 <
Published on 5/2/2007 By Chtioui Malek

Sony presented a FED monitor (Field Emission Display) of 19.2 inches, with a resolution of 1 280 X 960, a luminosity of 400 cd/m2 an exceptional contrast rate which reaches 20.000:1! Refresh rate would be between 24 and 240 images per second and the angles of vision would be total (180°), a perfect table.

Field emission display (FED) technology was invented in the 1970s as a possible alternative to the traditional cathode-ray tube TV but has been never commercialized.

What is a SED Monitor?

It’s the next generation of television screens; the SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) monitors offer a vivid color images, high definition displays and more larger screens.
The researches began in 1986 by Canon and Toshiba, and later they formed SED Inc. in October 2004.

FED and SED, Two Competitors?

The FED approaches technically the SED, The two Technologies uses hundreds of thousands of micro guns (electron emitters), each one able to generate a pixel, from where the advanced quality of the image With no warm up, heat and No backlight. The FED uses micro guns in cones forms, whereas the SED uses micro guns in the shape of slits, the FED is as finer as the SED, it consumes less energy and it offers a broad angle of vision, and a total absence of dead pixels. Sony aims mainly the professional markets in particular the data-processing monitors (As Computer monitors & televisions) whereas the SED is intended for the market of the large screens.

The marketing of the SED is planned by Toshiba Corp. and Canon for 2009 with Full HD models of more than 26 inches.

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LCDs are Junk
By Good, Date: 6/17/2008
LCDs Inferior technology for high profit margins that give you motion sickness and eyestrain.
SED is teh Beta Max of the computer monitor industry
it's better then VHS but only if people stop buying LCDs!
SEDs will be expensive
By Franco, Date: 9/3/2008
Although the SED technology is cheaper to produce, the costs will remain high until the stocks of the LCDs, Plasmas and anything else that hasn't sold is sold. Another ripoff by the manufacturers. SEDs were susposed to come onto the market at 50" to 110" displays. Now Canon-Toshiba will make smaller versions to make up the costs of initial production and the law suits that held up SED production. You can look for a low end monitor to be quickly replaced by a higher end and on and on until they produce the SED they planned on for several years ago. Its no longer about new technology, its all about money and profits...real big profits. If we stopped buying LCDs and Plasmas for 90 days, the prices would drop. They are still producing cheap LCDs that do not live up to the hype. I'll keep my CRT until the SEDs are up to the standards I need and not what they think I need.
By Peter Sandison, Date: 9/8/2008
Where can I view an FED/SED in the UK.
I also dislike the LCD but could not wait for SED/FED to appear!
When FED/SED appear at the right price in the UK ( similar to LCD/Plasma)I will buy one.
FED Monitors On The Way
By FED TV Guy, Date: 1/18/2009
FED monitors from Ikegami and Astrodesign are planned for delivery in 2009.
By Joe, Date: 2/6/2009
SED is nice I can imagine it looks like crt but in HD with perfect alignment
By jag, Date: 5/7/2009
SED are the wave of the future but you will only see them being sold when you, the consumer, stops paying thousands of dollars to buy crap like the LCD or PLASMA.
please arrive already!
By I wipe my ass with LCDs, Date: 9/3/2009
SED/FED are taking WAY too long to get out on the market. I consider them eventualware. It will eventually get here, but when that happens, it will be too late or nobody will care. And it's getting increasingly harder to find NEW CRTs. I am not going to LCD anytime soon - horrible picture not to mention bad color accuracy.
Keep wishing, adorn a market
By Darky!, Date: 8/28/2010
hi! 120hz LCDs might carry us until SED.
By, Date: 11/19/2014
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