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Published on 1/23/2007 By Xcess
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   Informations :
the city of hammamet in the map of tunisia
   Located at the south of the Cap Bon Peninsula, 64 km in the south of  Tunis, at 85 km
northern of Sousse. Hamamet is piled up but an elegant city,12000 Inhabitant, in 1991
   History :
   We can speak about hammamet, at the beginning of the 20th Century, as the calm city, deadened  in the
beauty of it's robust and charming ramparts , surrounding the tortuous streets . At the end of the 20th
Century the town of Hammamet is launched, and it's after the seïsm of 29 which the Roumanian George
Sebastian comes installed being discovered the spontaneous beauty from Hammamet. Thus it made
build a villa of dreams there. His friends come to visit it and were acharmed by the beauty of the place;
the ones prefer to build their villas in Medina, the others preferred the countryside,imitating the traditional
style arabo-musulmant of the villa George Sebastian. now the villa of Sébastian; offered Tunisian state in
1959 after the war ; is transformed into an arts centre and a theater in full air is added inside the gardens
of the villa in 1964, it it welcomes a great international festival (the second after that of Carthage).
Monuments And Touristic Attractions
   Hammamet  ' the Tunisian Saint Tropez ' is one of the great tourist destinations, a privilege that is worth
him the presence of several attractive zones
  - Dar Sébastian  sheltering the arts centre of méditérranée, makes us discover what was
the villas and gardens of Hammamet.
- Medina : she contains the large mosque , the Arab baths (Hammams) , while walking , the visitors
meet the artists who work the poetrie (Hammamet is the most significant center of poetrie in Tunisia,
this art is transmitted between the generation of wire father).
- Yesmine Hammamet : It has just been creates recently, giving to the city a new facet and a new
space of tourist life.
- The Golf of Hammamet , represented by long ranges with fine sand, a modern succession of hotels.
it is a place of relaxation and relieving, offering a large variety of plays on the range, the spectacles,
the festivales, and several other entertainments.
  Addresses And Useful Informations :
   - Regional Office Of Tourism : 	Address  :  Avenue H. Bourguiba 8050 Hammamet.
Phone : (+216-72) 280 423.
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Collaboration de libya
By Nouradine osman fathi, Date: 12/16/2009
Collaboration de libya

BP:60 ghat libya

Objet: Demande de collaboration

J'ai l'honeur de vous feliciter et vous expedier a quel point je porte en permanence
au plus haut le blambeau de votre service de voyages.
Je suis notament l'un des plus fidele de cette passion(tourism)..
En tant que cordinateur et guide accompagnateur de l'agence locale en

Sans doute que notre service jouit d'une bonne reputation en vers tous qu'on a partager ensemble les moments absolu au desert(une professionalisme conviviale)..
Parallelement a cela,je vous rassure avant tout,l'encadrement de l'aspect fondamental
du travail(satisfaction des clients)
je pense bien que cette raison est l'une des plus admirables.pour l'ameloiration
du bien pour toujours...

a mon dernier vollet,je tiens de toute simplicite de m'avoir accorder ma demande de collaboration pour la destination libyenne!

En esperant une exellente reuissite a nous tous...
je serai ravi de vous lire et n'esiter pas a poser toute vos questions.

meilleurs voeux

Nouradine osman
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