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Published on 6/1/2008 By PRASANNA

Life is precious, yes whether others accept it or not but life is a precious thing for me, this is what each and every individual in this world think and it is absolutely correct. When we think of our life we always think how we came into this world, for what purpose we are here, or who brought us here even if answers are  given  for these questions we may have a feeling that we have understood it but in fact, we would'nt have understood. I  don't know how many people have got these strange questions but whenever i am bored these kind of questions arises for me. I remember reading in a science book when i was a kid that all the stars in the universe are like our sun which means all the stars are suns and  each sun will have a seperate solar system like our sun has, and got really shocked because so far had thought that only ours is the only sun and only our sun has this system but i felt that everything is wrong ours is not the only and i really felt life is great and  life is really a strange thing.

We all know that one day we are going to be perished and nobody can deny this, nobody in this world  know when they are going to die but knowing that life here is only a temporary thing we are actually doing a great thing by living our life successfully.There are some people who live without bothering about and who always want others to live a unhappy life by making them suffer in all possible ways i think that is the most cruel thing a man can do it to a man.You need not go in volunteer to help the people but  if you have the mindset  defenitely you are one the worthiest person in the world but please dont go in volunteer to destroy another person because doing nothing for the other man is far far better than causing  ill things.  As i already mentioned we living beings are not permanent in this world we have to show the way for the future  generations  and we should vanish from there that is life. Life is a narrow path where older ones cant proceed in that path and eventually had to get away from the path,many in this world arent  able to understand this simple philosophy. Human life  span is 100 years approximately, some live till this line some go  a bit beyond the line but many die before this line, this is very important we are not even able to complete our full human  life span. Some say there is a life after death but nobody knows it. They say that after the death only our body perishes but our soul doesnt, it always searches for a new body to live a brand new life.Philosophers agree with this but rationalist give  a different dimension to this,but any how we human beings know only the things which is happening right now,our life is real,definite something which is happening, we look at the past as a history,live with our present and head to the future without knowing anything,that is human life.The life which is happening now for a person is definite. We dont know anything about the solar system or about the universe some show interest in knowing this some dont even attempt to learn these things perhaps they might have thougtht there us no use of learning about this but being ignorant in these subjets is not crime but one who doesnt know how to enjoy life is not making any mistakes but he is making fool of himself.Its not that only scientists know about this hidden truth, they do know but  they are also human beings like us.  Life is an important thing , it is to be enjoyed by every human being if is lost once it is very difficult or rather impossible to get it back. Do things which makes you happy live as happily as possible, just do what your mind says to you but that should  be always good, it should not only make you happy but it also make others happy. Life is like a glass it is beautiful please handle with care because it is costly if you slip that one and that is end. Enjoy the life because this the last chance to enjoy and leave this beautiful  place with satisfaction..LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AND IT VERY VERY PRECIOUS WE HUMAN BEINGS WHO HAVE GOT THE POWER OF THINKING SHOULD NOT NEVER EVER TRY TO SPOIL THIS LOVELY WORLD AND SHOULD NOT TRY TO SPOIL OTHER MAN'S HAPPINESS AND LIVE THIS LIFE BRAVELY..
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By, Date: 5/9/2016
I don't have a clue !
By safe work shoes, Date: 3/7/2020
I pay a quick visit everyday a few websites and blogs to read content, however this web site presents quality based content LIFE IS PRECIOUS .
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