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> New Concept of Luxury Car : Mobile Office SUV <
Published on 5/20/2008 By JOSEE HANLON
LIMOUSINESWORLD ADDS LUXURY MOBILE OFFICE SUVs TO ITS PRODUCTS (Perfect for your work, meetings, family trips, relaxing with friends, discreet and...Easy to park!)


San Francisco, California, USA.

LimousinesWorld has added Luxury Mobile Office SUVs to its line of products. This New Mobile Office is becoming more and more popular with people in the business world who want to work comfortably in their Mobile Office, as well as with individual buyers who want a Luxury Mobile Office SUV for their transportation needs.
These SUV Mobile Offices are perfectly designed to benefit people who need a portable office where they can work efficiently while, a place to hold meetings on the way to work, a comfortable vehicle for travels. They provide you with a smooth ride and they are well equipped for entertainment thru TVs, electronic games, music etc.
These Mobile Offices are discreet from the outside and they have the luxury of a limousine from the inside. They are easy to park, they are well equipped to be used as mobile office, and they have electronics that can turn any trip into a great experience. They can also be used as luxury rentals.

To learn more and to view the available Mobile Office SUVs, please visit:

We can help our European customers with the homologation of the Mobile Office purchased with us.
For more information you can contact us at:
Tel: +1 (415) 963-4040
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