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> Monastir, Tunisia <
Published on 1/23/2007 By Xcess
Infos About : Tunisia Tunis Sousse Sfax Hammamet Djerba Mahdia
  Sidi Bou Said Port el Kantaoui Monastir Kairouan Tozeur Bizert Matmata
   Informations :
the city of monastir in the map of tunisia

Monastir is at the southern end of the golf of Hammamet , 165 km of the Capital Tunis , 24 km of Sousse and meadows of the town of Mahdia. A surface of 6.500 hectares and skirting a coast of 6 km . Surroundings 59.000 Inhabitants.

Histoire :
Monastir is rather a new city, indeed, Before it
was made up mainly of a fishing port being located
on the dimension, it did not have a significant tourist
attraction, but it made a great man : Habib
Bourguiba, hero of the independence and first
president of the young Tunisian Republic, and which
supported it morally and financially until to make
of it a splendid city while emphasizing its various
historic buildings such the ribat, the large mosque...
Now , Monastir are at the same time a tourist and
university city (Faculty of Medicine, dental Faculty
of Medicine, Faculty of Science, school of Engineers,
faculty of pharmacy,...)
Monuments Et Attractions Touristiques
 - Ribat :  fortress dominating the city
(monastery-fortress of the VIII'th
- The Great Mosque, built in IX'th
century and was increased by
Zirides in XI'th century.
- The Mosque of Bourguiba, is a
religious building, of a luxurious
decoration suitable for Tunisian
traditional art.
- The Marina : A place of relaxation
and walk.
 Addresses And Useful Informations :
- The international Sousse
Airport is at 5 km of the city.
- Regional Office Of Tourism : Skanès (opposite the airport) 5000, Monastir.
: (+216-73) 520 205 / 520 894 / 521 089.
Fax :
(+216-73) 521 219.
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By carolina, Date: 12/11/2008
wow! what a nice country!!!!
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