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> Top 10 Fastest Selling Albums in History <
Published on 12/2/2007 By Source: the Official UK Charts Company

Top 10 Fastest Selling Albums in History

01 >> Be Here Now by Oasis (1997) with 813,000 copies in seven days.
02 >> X&Y by Coldplay (2005)
03 >> Life For Rent by Dido (2003)
04 >> Spirit by Leona Lewis (2007) with 375,000 copies in seven days.
05 >> Intensive Care by Robbie Williams (2005)
06 >> Whatever People Say, That's What I'm Not by Arctic Monkeys (2006)
07 >> Rattle & Hum by U2 (1988)
08 >> Bad by Michael Jackson (1987)
09 >> (What's The Story) Morning Glory by Oasis (1995)
10 >> The Immaculate Collection by Madonna (1990) 

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What about...
By PAul, Date: 3/5/2009
...Pearl Jam's "Vs." and its 950,378 copies in seven days?
By Mr. Chronic, Date: 3/13/2009
Ummm... Actually 50 Cent's "The Massacre" sold $1.14 million in 4 days.

not correct
By macki, Date: 3/17/2009
u forgot that eminem sold 1.7 milion copies of the marshall mathers lp in a week
By piratosabri, Date: 5/3/2009
u r right man eminem's marshall mathers lp is the fastest selling hip hop album in history and is found in the guiness world book
By kini, Date: 5/7/2009
you forgot eminem, 50-cent, and lil wayne
By G-Funk, Date: 5/14/2009
Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP sold 1.76 million in the first seven days and is the fastest selling hip hop album in history. I'm pretty sure that The Eminem Show sold about 800,000 in the first seven days and Get Rich or die Tryin' sold about 1.14 million.
By basfoders, Date: 8/8/2009
1 by beatles was the fastest selling album ever sold 3.6 in one week and 12 in 3 weeks
Only U.K sales!!
By Matt, Date: 8/17/2009
This list is only counting UK sales, not US or worldwide sales!! Eminem, 50 Cent or Pearl Jam made it in the USA only!
By Domo, Date: 9/8/2009
If you're gonna make a list and post it on the internet at least check your facts! And do it worldwide or make a notification that it isnt worldwide and just for the UK. and number nine is actually Eminem's Curtain call
By fsdfsd, Date: 9/8/2009
Eminem album Marshall Mathers LP is the fastest selling album.... He sold over 1.7 Million the first week.

Eminem album, The Eminem Show sold over 1 million the first week....
You guys are morons
By Lavdim, Date: 9/14/2009
Read the whole fucking title.
"Source: the Official UK Charts Company"
Forgot to mention something.
By Lavdim, Date: 9/14/2009
Also compare the population of England (61 million) to the United States (304 million)That's around 5.5 times larger. If you multiply the "Be Here Now"s sales by 5.5, you get 4.4 million sales. I know that's an inaccurate way of looking at it but the population does play a huge role. Anyways, I am not bashing the artists here (I personally am an Eminem fan also) more so the commentators.
By ewgwegwegrwe, Date: 9/23/2009
eminem sold 1.76 on marshall mathers lp (best rap album of all time) and the eminem show was 1.33 million so i dont know who the fuck made this fuckin list and for the record eminem is the best rapper of all time hes the only rapper that can come out with a video making a complete fool of himself and still be number 1 and eminem knows that and he doesnt have to even say it unlike that peice of shit lil wayne who sucks he rhymes like 3 year old and u cant understand a word he says and everybody is hatin on him becuz he beat tupac and pretty much not even trying eminem is the most succesful rapper so quit hatin cuz he stole tupacs thunder
By wergwerw, Date: 9/23/2009
and by the way the reason why micheal jackson and the beatles sold so much is becuz it was way back in the day like now a days who the fuck goes and buys and fuckin cd anymore everybody downloads songs and still look how much eminem has sold
By zzzzzzzzz, Date: 10/19/2009
damn it you guys are so morrrrron
By Jim, Date: 10/24/2009
This is a joke, you clearly don't know anything. First off you clearly took the fact that these are 'first week' sales and stated that is was 'in seven days' to make it sound official. Albums are released on tuesdays in case you didn't know, and first week sales are the first 6 days.
By Eric, Date: 11/23/2009
Backstreet Boys "Millennium" 1999, anyone remember????? That one sold more than Leona
Moron vs moron
By Sear, Date: 5/27/2010
If first week is six days sales, then if they sell more than the people on this list (seven days) obviously first week is better. You're comment is dumb. Anyway, it says "top 10 fastest selling albums in history" and doesn't contain "in UK" and the excuse about the source doesn't justify anything.
hip hop head
By jacob, Date: 6/24/2010
uve really failed here as the marshal mathers lp is the fastest sellign album ever and snoop dog doggy style sold more in its first week than your top one with over 880,000 in one week
hip hop head
By jacob, Date: 6/24/2010
ad t everone who is saying hes the greatets ever plz dont have an opion on greatest ever till u ahve heard all rap artist from a tribe called quest to pac bigge mobb deep krs-one dig daddy kane marley marl nas etc and he isnt even the greatets alive the title is still nas if u didnt notice jayz tride to take it and failed eminem has never tride plz no what ur talking about before giving your opion and if u want to have a go at my spelling go on dosnt make u any more right
By birch, Date: 9/19/2010
the marshall mathers lp sold 1.76 million copies in the first week..
the eminem show sold 1.23 million copies in the first week

eminem has 12 grammys and 1 oscor with 88.5 million albums sold worldwide..he is the only artist in history to get 6 no1 albums in a row in the uk..he just doesnt stop artist of all time and will never be beatn
dumb posts
By mike, Date: 10/5/2010
seriously can anyone here read? If you look at the top it clearly states "Source: the Official UK Charts Company" so that means in the UK not USA!!! stupid people!
By Aaron Goodman, Date: 12/5/2010
By Eno123, Date: 1/16/2011
WHERES EMINEM YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE DICK BITCH FAG HOOMO 1.7 milion in one week FOOOOOL make some research fuckin dick
do your homework
By chris, Date: 1/21/2011
Tupac's album All Eyes On Me sold 1,000,000 copies in 4 hours. Fastest selling album ever. Look it up.
you sure?
By josh, Date: 3/1/2011
britney spears' oops i did it again sold 500,000 in a day and speak now of taylor swift a million in a week
One of the most selling albums....
By DeathcoreGuy, Date: 4/20/2011
┬┤NSync's No Strings Attached sold sold over one million copies in one day and 2.42 million copies in one week. In addition to a host of Grammy fuck you assholes.........
just check, the fastest worlwide is not Eminem
By imsureofthat, Date: 4/28/2011
Of course it's for UK, cause worlwide Eminem (though I like him) is beaten by both Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru... in the same day ! Their records, released the same day (28 march 2001), reached 3 million copies and 2,9 million copies in Japan alone (though they were released in Asia later) in one week ! It's japanese Oricon OFFICIAL statement. So Utada's Distance IS the fastest selling album in history WORLWIDE !
Two albums fastest selling albums worlwide, and in the same week, for these two of the best artists ever.
Craziest musical week of Human kind History.
Now here's the real top worlwide
By youguysfool, Date: 5/18/2011
rank. name of artist - name of album - most important country of release - sales in the week - date of the first day of the week

Here's the top :

1. Hikaru Utada - Distance - Japan - 3 million - 28 march 2001
2. Ayumi Hamasaki - A Best - Japan - 2,98 million - 28 march 2001
3. N Sync - No Strings Attached - USA - 2,42 millions (few sales in the rest of the world) - 21 march 2000
4. Hikaru Utada - Deep River - Japan - 2,35 millions - 19 june 2002
5. Hikaru Utada - First Love - Japan - 2 million - 10 march 1999
6. N Sync - Celebrity - USA - nearly 2 millions worldwide - 24 july 2001
7. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP - USA - 1,7 millions USA, possible more than 2 million worldwide - 23 may 2000.
8. GLAY - Drive~GLAY Complete Best~ - Japan - 1,7 million - 11 december 2000
9. Britney Spears - Oops I did it again - USA - around 1,7 million worldwide - 16 may 2000
10. Ayumi Hamasaki - Duty - Japan - nearly 1,7 millions au Japon - 27 september 2000

Beatles's 1 numbers are exagerated by fans, it never went over 1,5 million, and I think maybe less than that, check the sales for each country.
And Oasis sell only in Uk, on the other hand Taylor Swift or other dickhead don't sell in UK.
Michael Jackson never went over 1,5 million copies, reached one year after Thriller release. It's logical : MJ is a long-runner seller on large tempered and distant audience, while to have fastest album you must be a short-term seller with wide impatient fanbase.
the fastest selling albums are shown in this video
By commentvideo, Date: 5/31/2011
Her's a video who details the ranking of the 25 fastest selling albums ever worldwide :
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