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Published on 12/28/2007 By Kwadjeo Adu
Ghana (The Golden Experience)

Ghana is located in the heart of the world right where the longitude 0 degree otherwise called the Greenwich meridian intercepts the Latitude 0 degree. It is in West Africa sitting along the Atlantic Ocean with a whole 540 kilometers of pristine beach. Ghana is a very democratic country where the president is elected in democratic elections. In 2008 December we will be going to the pools to elect a new president as our current president leaves office after serving 8 years of presidency.
Attraction: Ghana is an emerging tourist destination attraction over 900,000 international tourists each year. Most of our tourists come from United Kingdom, North America, Europe and Africa. Ghana has an array of tourist attractions apart from being named as the world’s most hospitable people: Other attractions, Ecotourism / Greentourism


   1. waterfalls in serene environments
   2. Evergreen equatorial forests
   3. Wildlife: unique butterflies, elephants, mamatee etc.
   4. Fishing in fresh water.
   5. Mountain climbing
   6. visit to natural environments
   7. primate / human communities
   8. world class parks


   1. 540 km of pristine beach line
   2. surfing, swimming, fishing, canoeing


   1. Typical Ghanaian life both in cities and villages.
   2. Cultural practices and ways of life.
   3. Funerals, naming ceremonies
   4. Traditional weddings.


   1. Slave trade history, Migration history
   2. African emancipation/ independence struggle history, medieval history


Volunteering in:

   1. Orphanages, Hospitals
   2. Poor rural infrastructure projects
   3. Journalism: radio, TV, newspapers, online publications, marketing businesses, helping structure small businesses.


   1. World’s biggest manmade lake
   2. west Africa’s highest waterfall
   3. Africa’s only and the world’s 3rd canopy walkway over an evergreen equatorial forest

These attractions can be grouped into specified packages just for you.

This package include:

1.Luxxury airconditioned bus with a driver.
2. Meals( breakfast,lunch and dinner).
3. Tours to all attractions listed including their
entrance fees.
4. Three to Two star hotels in Accra,Kumasi,Tamale....
5. Tour guide service throughout your tour.
6. Airport Transfers.
7. Government tax and other services ...

Further Information, Please Contact

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Collaboration de libya
By Nouradine osman fathi, Date: 12/16/2009
b.p:60 ghat libya

Objet: Demande de collaboration

J'ai l'honeur de vous feliciter et vous expedier a quel point je porte en permanence
au plus haut le blambeau de votre service de voyages.
Je suis notament l'un des plus fidele de cette passion(tourism)..
En tant que cordinateur et guide accompagnateur de l'agence locale en

Sans doute que notre service jouit d'une bonne reputation en vers tous qu'on a partager ensemble les moments absolu au desert(une professionalisme conviviale)..
Parallelement a cela,je vous rassure avant tout,l'encadrement de l'aspect fondamental
du travail(satisfaction des clients)
je pense bien que cette raison est l'une des plus admirables.pour l'ameloiration
du bien pour toujours...

a mon dernier vollet,je tiens de toute simplicite de m'avoir accorder ma demande de collaboration pour la destination libyenne!

En esperant une exellente reuissite a nous tous...
je serai ravi de vous lire et n'esiter pas a poser toute vos questions.

meilleurs voeux

Nouradine osman
By slip proof shoes men work, Date: 3/8/2020
These all YouTube gaming movies Ghana TOURISM (The Golden Experience) are genuinely in fastidious quality, I watched out all these along by means of my friends.
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