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> Tozeur, Tunisia <
Published on 1/23/2007 By Xcess
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   Informations :
the city of tozeur in the map of tunisia

Located at the south of Tunisia, at 400 km of Tunis . It's the capital of the south with about 17000 inhabitants.

 The name of the city is of Roman origin (Thusuros). It was
a point of stop for the Roman legions which benefitted thus
from the freshness of its oasis. It's here that the Romain
colonization in Africa has taken end.
Camels picture at chott el jrid in the sahara of tunisia


beautiful old yellow wall in Tozeur City, Tunisia

Monuments And Touristic Attractions
      Tozeur is one of the most important tourist stops, you'll notice the beauty of its walls.
Tozeur is known by its dates "Dèglet en'nour " (Fingers Of Light), known universally
and appreciated of experts.
dar chraeit in toeur city in tunisia
  -  ' Dar Chraït '  :  The Museum Dar Chraït which reflect the history of the
Tunisian people through the past and the park ' Médina ' which will make
you live the famous Arabic Story of " Thousand and One Nights ".

- Palmeraiede Tozeur : This place is a true jungle, with more than 10 km2 of
surface and 500000 trees , irrigated by 200 sources. the Palm plantation is a
place of relaxation and relieving , explored on foot or by bicycle , you will be
acharmed by its beauty, and it will be engraved in your memory.
 - The Camel Caravans :  ballads through
deserts, on dunes of sand, and the lying
of the sun.
- the silence and the incredible mirages of
Chott El Jerid, (a lake of 5 km2 surface)
- Several other attractions such the local
markets, the tourist train The Red Lézart,
the adventures with the driving
four-wheeled vehicles, the ballades as a
mongolfière... , are to the appointment.
traditional pottery in tozeur city, tunisia
Addresses And Useful Informations :
- Regional Office Of Tourism :  Avenue Aboulkacem Chebbi, Tozeur.
Phone : (+216-76) 454 503 / 454 088.
: (+216-76) 452 051.
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la beauté de la tunisie
By dada, Date: 10/18/2010
le sud tnisien et la plus belle place dans toute la tunisie c'est une chance qu'il ne faut pas raterde visiter
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