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Published on 12/18/2006 By Xcess

English Web Sites :   A full site with sections on Tunisian history, business, tourism economics etc. There is also a very good links section for site on all walks of life.   Official tunisian guide.   A site dedicated to the hydrocarbon history of Tunisia and its current state. Tunisian companies are listed as are a few statistics on the industry.  

A large site which documents Tunisian Oil industry news. There is also a large and easily read backlist of old news which can still be accessed.   Tunisian RailWays   Privatization in tunisia   Tunisian Internet Agency   Tunisia Telecom   Ministry of public Health   The Tunisian Administration Portail


French Web Sites :   Association Professionnelle des Banques Tunisiennes   Societe Inter-Bancaire de Telecompensation   Institut Nationale des Statistiques  

International Monetary Fund   World Bank   African Development Bank   Bourse des Valeurs Mobilieres Tunisiennes   Arab Tunisian Bank   Attijari Bank   Amen Bank   Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie   Societe Tunisienne de Banque   Union Bancaire pour le Commerce et l'Industrie   Banque de l'Habitat   La poste tunisienne   Conseil du marché financier   Le portail de l'administration tunisienne
www.tunisieindustrie.nat/   Agence de promotion de l'industrie   L'information et la communication administrative à distance   The foreign investment promotion agency   Societe nationale des chemins de fer tunisien   La privatisation de Tunisie   Agence tunisienne d'internet   Fournisseur pour telephonie mobile   Tunisie Telecom   Portail Educatif Tunisien   La santé en Tunisie.   ANETI, Agence national pour l'emploi et le travail indépendant.   E-sponsor des artistes Tunisiens
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By LEILA WEPNER, Date: 2/12/2008
chercher un appartement a hammamet .me dire tous les rensengnement merci davanse
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