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> Visiting Tunisia? Don't miss Sidi Bou Said! <
Published on 1/23/2007 By Xcess
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Picture in the alleys of Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia.
Informations :
Sidi Bou Said Map
Sidi Bou Said, this lovely blue and white village.

It is located at 20 km North-eastern of the Town of Tunis.
The village is located on a cliff dominating Carthage and
the Golf of Tunis and offering a very special and great sight.
History :
Sidi Bou Said, this splendid village bears
the name of a Saint who lived here
"Abou Said ibn Khalef ibn Yahia Ettamini el Beji"

The place has preserved through times its colors
and its original and single charm.
Picture of Sidi Bou Said
Picture of Sidi Bou Said
Ambiance :
- A Tourist ambiance reigns on the  
village, all along the alleys we find
small local trade offering the works of
Tunisian and international artists.

- The port of Sidi Bou Said (The Marina).

- Festival El Karja, a religious festival to
the honor of Sidi Bou Said in July.
  Useful Addresses And Information :
   - Phone Code : (+216) 71
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By roura, Date: 11/23/2007
it's really unbeliveble!!!!!i love tunisia
it's the best...especially sisi bou said
i hope that u'll all visit it
it's a paradise!!!!
Sidi Bou Said Carthago Tunisia
By elcharifanis, Date: 7/19/2010
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Visiting Tunisia? Don't miss Sidi Bou Said!
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